What Is The Project About?


For June, July, and August we are going to deliver one box of frozen plant-based burger patties to 100 low-income families in the lower mainland for free. The patties are going to be frozen so the family can enjoy them anytime during the month.

We believe in inspiring others with our actions.

By providing healthy alternative food to families for three months we will not only give them a well-balanced plant-based diet but also the chance to save money on food costs.

You can learn more about the roles and impact of a nutritional diet by reading the new Canadian Food Guide (read more about the new food guide here).


Why Delivering Happiness Project Exist?


More than half a million people in B.C. live in poverty. It’s sad to know that low-income families face impossible choices: buying food, heating the house, filling a prescription or paying the rent.

There are 500,000 working poor families in the lower mainland with salaries not enough to pay their bills; therefore healthy food options are not their first choice. While healthy alternatives are more on the expensive side, families are not able to provide those options to their children.

If we don’t do anything families will keep struggling to make ends meet, won't have access to nutritious plant-based food and their kids will keep missing some of their meals.

That’s why we created this project, to help as many families as possible.



How it Works



Get Involved




Make a Difference in the life of families in need


With your contribution:

Children will get nourished with healthy food.


With your contribution:

Single parents will save money on food and will be able to use that money to cover other needs.


With your contribution:

Families in need will have extra plant-based food for three months.






Delivering Happiness Project

Delivering Happiness Project is all about giving back to the community and help people in need. Juno Parlange had the idea after attending a Landmark Seminar. He wanted to combine his passion for giving back and passion for plant-based food. After some thorough research, he found out the situation of poor working families in the lower mainland and decided to take action by creating a Delivering Happiness Project.

This program will have a massive effect on low-income families. Not only will it provide them with a plant-based diet, but it will also raise awareness in the community towards the problem and bring business owners and professionals in Vancouver together to contribute to other people's lives.

Many thanks to our partners and sponsors who are helping us make it happen!

Feed Me Fit


Feed Me Fit is a healthy lifestyle meal prep service based in North Vancouver. They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options on their menu as well as traditional healthy food options.

They are taking care of the food logistics, preparing the plant-based burger patties, packaging and covering one of the delivery zones.

Help Change My City


HCMC is a non-profit that provides personal development, community development, holistic nutrition, and skills programs for Lower Mainland at-risk youth. They deliver these programs in high schools and to homeless and multi-barriers youth including teen parents in the community.

HCMC is taking care of all the strategy, logistics, and community connections.


We are so grateful for all the volunteers that have made this project happen. They bring love and happiness to the community in so many ways.

We are currently looking for volunteers that can help us with the admin tasks, social media, video/photo documentation, and delivering the products to the families.

If you would like to join our cause and contribute to the community, please send us a message through the contact form HERE.


Contribute to families in need and inspire others to help the community.